Six Scholarships Awarded During All-District Jazz Night

June 8, 2023 - Comal ISD awarded six scholarships totaling $4,600 to six graduating seniors during its All-District Jazz Night on March 7. The students were chosen based on their outstanding achievements and involvement in the district’s music program.

In addition to the scholarships, the night was filled with sounds of jazz bands from across the district including Canyon High School, Canyon Lake High School, Davenport High School, Pieper High School and Smithson Valley High School. Among the highlights of the evening were special performances by the All-District Jazz Band directed by special guests Karlos Elizondo and the Powerhouse Big Band.

“We are excited to continue to grow our jazz program in our high schools,” says Gary Cooper, Comal ISD’s director of fine arts. “Jazz night is becoming a tradition that parents, students and community members look forward to every year. Now, we are proud to offer scholarships to deserving students who have been dedicated to our music programs.”

Two students received Gold level scholarships worth $1,000 each; one student received a Silver level scholarship worth $800; and three students received Bronze level scholarships worth $600.

Students receiving the Gold level scholarships include Noah Bliss from Davenport High School and Hailee Gustafson from Smithson Valley High School.

Zachary Govin, member of the SVHS Ranger band, received the Silver level scholarship worth $800.

Zachary Ellis from Canyon Lake High School, Andrew Barge from SVHS and Lindsay Creel from DHS received a Bronze level scholarship worth $600.






-Pictured from left is Hailee Gustafson, Noah Bliss, Davenport High Director of Bands Jeffrey Keys, Lindsay Creel, Zachary Govin, Smithson Valley High Director of Bands Michael Childress, Andrew Barge, Canyon Lake High Director of Bands Ed Gonzalez and Zachary Ellis.



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